Suction Products

Suctioning procedures are among the most basic and common functions performed in healthcare settings today. MED-RX® Suction Products are used by physicians, nurses and technicians in virtually all patient care areas of hospitals and clinics. Appropriately, the Suction Products category is made up of one of our most diverse range of disposable products incorporating numerous variations in designs, features and sizes to provide the healthcare professional with just the right tools for the specific suctioning procedure.

MED-RX® sterile Yankauer suction instruments provide one example of variations in design to suit differences in practice and preference. Features include; solid one-piece molded construction, shatter proof, transparent, a universal connector, smooth atraumatic bulb or straight tips with smooth eyes, easy-to-grasp ribbed handle at proximal end, and optional vent for control of suction. They are available in either smooth curve or gently angled curve designs.

Whether your suctioning requirements include endobronchial catheters or catheter kits, connecting tubes or instruments, individual sterile or bulk clean packaging formats; MED-RX® offers one of the largest families of suctioning products anywhere.