Epidural & Spinal Anesthesia Products

Ever improving technologies and techniques continue to drive innovation in the practice of Regional Anesthesia, making it absolutely essential for a supplier in this market to stay ahead of the knowledge curve. As a Canadian market leader in regional anesthesia products, MED-RX® does just that, with a comprehensive offering of products for epidural, spinal, combined spinal/epidural (CSE) and peripheral nerve block (PNB) techniques.

In the face of rapidly advancing ultrasound imaging technology and the steady growth of image guided PNB techniques, MED-RX® is the first to market with our new line of EchoStim™ and EchoBlock™ echogenic ultrasound needles featuring patented corner cube reflector technology for enhanced needle tip visibility.

Our custom spinal, epidural and PNB procedure trays are made to your anesthesia department’s specifications with high quality procedure needles and components like the Spirol™ spring wound (wire reinforced) epidural catheters, award winning Stingray™ epidural catheter connectors and the NeedleVise™ safety option for hypodermic and procedure needles.MED-RX® can offer our customers the unique option of including local anesthetic drugs and CHG skin prep inside the tray. Combined with the inclusion of all other components required for the physician’s complete procedure, overall program cost reductions can be realized through increased procedural efficiency, greater physician self-sufficiency and the elimination of wasted unused components found in imported “stock” trays. This is why MED-RX® Regional Anesthesia trays are the number one choice of Canadian hospitals.