Enteral Feeding / Gastrointestinal Devices

The MED-RX® Enteral Feeding and GI line includes both a wide range of standard NG and Enteral products to meet those “everyday” clinical requirements, as well as highly specialized products, such as our innovative Enteral Safety System for the NICU.

Our standard sterile feeding tubes are available in 5fr, 6fr & 8fr sizes and in several lengths. Other options include radiopaque lines and calibrated markings. Feeding kits are also available. Clean packaged stomach tubes with radiopaque lines are available in 12fr, 14fr, 16fr and 18fr sizes in 50” length.

The products in the MED-RX® Enteral Safety System family feature feeding tubes, extension sets and safety syringes with orange, enteral only (non-IV compatible) connectors and orange striped tubing to help differentiate feeding lines from IV lines and minimize the risk of accidental administration of feeds into IV lines.