Operating Room Products

MED-RX® disposable products are found in surgical suites across the country meeting many of the basic procedural needs of surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses. MED-RX® IV and Anesthesia fluid management products, including extension sets and IV access sets, support the work of anesthesiologists, nurses and technicians in keeping their patients stable throughout the procedure. Specialty sets like our latex free Cysto and TUR Irrigation Sets support urological procedures and our Insufflation Filter Sets used during laparoscopic procedures, fit directly onto virtually any type of machine. Our skin prep trays, prep components and instruments are key tools in minimizing the risk of infection with safe and cost effective disposable solutions. With a range of Yankauer and Poole suction instruments, curettes and suction tubing available in various lengths and sizes, MED-RX® Suction Products provide the surgical team with just the right tools for their specific suctioning procedures.